For over four decades, Van Schaik’s Bio Gro has been a leading innovator, working in partnership with Australian Councils and Companies to achieve optimal recovery of Organic material.

Over that time, we have gathered comprehensive knowledge extending from the processing and composting of those materials, to the development, production and marketing of the finest quality products tailored for a wide range of horticultural and agricultural applications.

Diverting this organic material from landfill effectively reduces methane emissions, although the application of our products to soil also results in a range of important environmental benefits.

These environmental benefits include improved soil health, water savings, improved crop productivity, reduced need for synthetic fertiliser, reduced water and wind erosion, improved tilth, and importantly an enhanced ability to mitigate climate change by sequestering carbon within soils and reducing horticultural and agricultural energy use.


Organic Processing Facility

970 Wandilo Forest Rd
South Australia 5291

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Dandenong Facility

80-82 Ordish Road
Dandenong South
Vic 3175

  • Phone: 03 8788 1700
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