Terrasol Blue

Salt Reducer
Bio Gro Terrasol Blue is a fulvic based liquid plant supplement formulated from plant derived natural deposits of Australian Peat. Terrasol Blue is extracted using an environmentally safe cold extraction process and is fortified with natural plant growth stimulants derived from Australian seagrass (Posidonia australis) extracts.
  • Terrasol Blue reduces the salt toxicity caused by excessive salts (sodium chloride) in the plant tissues
  • Terrasol Blue increases the Nitrogen uptake in plants by reducing the levels of sodium chloride salinity
  • Terrasol Blue increases the dry matter content in plants
  • Terrasol Blue increases the availability of nitrate, sulphate, borate and molyb date anions
  • Terrasol Blue helps in overall plant growth and reduces stress
  • 20 Litre
  • 200 Litre
  • 1000 Litre
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