Terrasol Fulvate

Organic Electrolyte
Bio Gro Terrasol Fulvate is a plant supplement formulated to utilise the natural occurring electrolytic effects of fulvic acid. It can be blended in conjunction with other chelated trace elements, herbicides and pesticides and helps plants adjust faster and better with the stress conditions and rapid absorption of applied nutrients.
  • Terrasol Fulvate is a natural powerful organic electrolyte, which can balance and energise all the cells
  • Organic electrolytes in Terrasol Fulvate helps reduce the stress conditions
  • Terrasol Fulvate acts as a natural chelating agent converting the metallic elements into readily bio-available form
  • Terrasol Fulvate improves soil microbe activity by acting as a carbon food source for beneficial fungi and bacteria
  • Terrasol Fulvate increases cation exchange capacity (CEC); having a CEC of 1400
  • Terrasol Fulvate increases the permeability of plant membranes
  • Terrasol Fulvate helps in salt remediation
  • 20 litre
  • 200 litre
  • 1000 litre
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