Décor Nuggets

Derived from finely graded Australian plantation radiata forest residues, Bio Gro Décor Nuggets are a beautifully consistent decorative choice for a variety of gardening and landscaping applications. The rich colour of Pine Bark can truly be appreciated through this fantastic product.
  • Derived from sustainable and renewable resources
  • Protects soil from wind and water erosion
  • Suppresses weed growth
  • Improves water penetration and retention
  • Insulates plants against extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Superior matting property ideal for slopes or windy conditions
  • Australian Radiata Pine bark
Use it for

Excellent decorative choice for a variety of applications including garden beds, outdoor landscapes, curb sides and on top of indoor or outdoor pot plants.

  • 10-15mm
  • 20mm
  • 30mm