Premium Potting Mix

Bio Gro Premium Potting Mix is a well-developed, tried and tested and highly reliable mix formulated to suit the establishment and development of a wide range of plants. Contains extra controlled release fertiliser, seaweed plant food concentrate and a soil re-wetter, ensuring healthy root growth and excellent foliage and bloom development.
  • Developed to Australian Standards
  • Produced from renewable Australian radiata pine bark
  • Contains controlled release fertiliser for balanced plant nutrition over a period of several months
  • Active wetting agent to aid water distribution and protection against plants drying out
  • Thoroughly composted to eradicate weeds, pests and diseases
  • Obtains optimum air filled porosity for roots to take up oxygen
  • Excellent water holding capacity so that the plant does not stress in extreme conditions
  • Lasts for up to two years without compacting
  • Accredited manufacturing process and laboratory tested to ensure optimum pH and electrical conductivity levels
Use it for

Perfect choice for all indoor and outdoor planting.