Bio Mulch

All soil can benefit from a regular boost of organic matter, whatever its condition. Bio Mulch is a natural looking composted surface mulch rich in organic carbon and living microorganisms perfectly formulated to increase the fertility of your soil, whilst also providing the water saving benefits of a surface mulch.
  • Developed to Australian Standards
  • Derived from sustainable and renewable resources
  • Slow release of organic nutrients into soil for sustained growth
  • Protects soil from wind and water erosion
  • Suppresses weed growth
  • Improves water penetration and retention
  • Insulates plants against extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Superior matting property ideal for slopes or windy conditions
  • Composted pine bark
  • Composted wood fibre
  • Sea grass
  • Composted green organics
Use it for

• Garden beds to reinvigorate tired and depleted soils
• Vegetable gardens to improve soil texture and encourage beneficial soil microbes
• When you want to give your garden an instant makeover
• Safe to use for new plants – the well composted organics will not burn soft leaves or tender young roots