Van Schaik’s Bio Gro is proudly a family-owned, Australian company specialising in the development and manufacture of a wide range of growing and mulching mediums, soil amendments and biological growth stimulants.

We also provide technical support and expertise covering all aspects of commercial horticulture production and environmentally sustainable, socially acceptable and economically viable organic recycling services within South Australia and Victoria.

For over four decades, we have been working in partnership with Australian companies and councils to achieve optimum recovery or organic material.  Over that time, we have gathered comprehensive knowledge extending from the processing and composting of said materials, to the development and production of the finest quality products perfectly tailored for a wide range of horticultural and agricultural applications.

Our Story

Bio Gro was originated over four decades ago, by Hans Van Schaik and his wife Marjan Van Schaik, as a small earth moving business operating within the heartland of Australia’s Radiata pine plantations, Mount Gambier, South Australia.

Hans had a particular interest in soil management, and in the early 70’s noticed bark and organic materials that were by-products of the local forestry industry were being burnt or destine for landfill, and believed that those organic residues could and should be value-added.

Against popular opinion at the time, Hans went about testing, trialling and evaluating products derived from these residues, and soon after expanded the company’s operating portfolio to include the development, production and marketing of various forms of growing mediums, soil conditioners and mulching mediums.

Today, Bio Gro is still a privately held, family-owned company. Both Hans and Marjan still take particular interest in the business, along with their son and Managing Director Stephen Van Schaik.  The company employs approximately 100 employees across 5 operational sites, processes in excess of 750,000 cubic metres of organic material per annum, and is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of professional substrates and landscaping products.

Our Team

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Sustainable Practices

Bio Gro is committed to the concept of sustainability. We aim to reconcile the legitimate economic and social interests of our customers, partners and employees whilst safeguarding our natural resources for future generations.

Our strategy has been geared towards tenets of sustainability since our establishment some 40 years ago. Important milestones here include the development of a peat substitute out of composted bark for professional growing media, and the processing and composting of green waste which began over 20 years ago.

We are widely recognised as a leading player in the Australian resource recovery and waste management sector.  We currently process in excess of 300,000 tonne of organic material per annum, subsequently diverting valuable organic material from the waste stream and effectively reducing greenhouse emissions.

Together with our partners and customers, we will continue to set sustainable standards for our industry into the future.

Quality Assurance

The fact that Bio Gro is one of Australia’s leading players within the growing media industry is not by chance. We continue to meet – and often raise – the standards of our industry, which is a direct reflection of our continuous drive to meet our customers’ existing and unarticulated needs.

Quality is paramount during all phases of operations. From the selection and treatment of our raw material, to product development and manufacture, nothing is left to chance.

Combined with four decades of accumulated knowledge, a very large stock reserve of the finest resource, adherence to Australian standards and utilisation of modern production facilities, the Bio Gro portfolio of products guarantee a maximum of quality and reliability enabling trouble free cultivation.