In Australia, 13 million tonnes of organic material are disposed to landfill each year.

When disposed to landfill, organic material decomposes and generates methane, a gas that is at least 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, trapping heat and contributing to climate change.

Since our inception some forty years ago, Van Schaik’s Bio Gro has been a leading innovator, working in partnership with companies and local councils all throughout Australia to achieve optimum recovery of organic material.

This recovered material doesn’t just get dumped somewhere – out of sight, out of mind – to decompose on its own.

We capture the full potential of the resource stream by professionally processing the material into a variety of high quality products, tailored for a wide range of horticultural and agricultural applications.

Our Story

Bio Gro was originated over four decades ago, by Hans Van Schaik and his wife Marjan Van Schaik, as a small earth moving business operating within the heartland of Australia’s Radiata Pine Plantations, Mount Gambier, South Australia.

Hans had a particular interest in soil management, and noticed that bark and organic materials that were by-products of the local forestry industry were being burnt or destined for landfill, and believed that those organic residues could and should be value-added.

Against popular opinion at the time, Hans went about testing and trialling products derived from these residues, and soon after expanded the company’s operating portfolio to include the development and manufacture of various forms of growing substrates, soil conditioners and mulching mediums.

Today, Bio Gro is still a privately held, family-owned company, and is now widely regarded as a leading innovator within the Australian horticulture and waste management industries.

Our Team

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Sustainable Practices

At the core of everything we do, lies a deep commitment to sustainability. We aim to reconcile the legitimate economic and social interests of our customers, partners and employees, whilst safeguarding Australia’s natural resources for future generations.

Every year, our resource recovery facilities located within South Australia and Victoria receive and process in excess of 300,000 tonne of organic material – which is a growing waste stream for our country and an important step in mitigating climate change.

Together with our valued customers and partners, we will continue to set sustainable standards for our industry into the future.

Quality Assurance

The fact that we are a market leader within the Australian horticulture industry is not by chance.

We know that our customers’ success heavily depends on the reliability of our products. Which is why, just like them, we place the highest possible demands on our products in terms of quality, performance and consistency.

Quality is paramount during all phases of operations.  From the selection and treatment of our raw material, to product development and manufacture, nothing is left to chance.

Combined with four decades of accumulated knowledge, our products guarantee a maximum of quality and reliability enabling trouble free cultivation.